How to be a successful Amazon account specialist?

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform in the world. Problems in the Amazon account should a ‘methodical event’. But experiencing them as a seller might produce a headache all around. These problems lead to the need for an Amazon account specialist. 

How to be a successful Amazon account specialist? Arrises the new question. But, shall it give rise to new career options for professionals out there in the market?

Let us discover the answer through this article.

Amazon account specialist: Introduction

Definition: A professional who is responsible for bringing the change ( say needed) in the Amazon account such that the account remains fully functional 24*7*365 is called an Amazon account specialist.

Although the Amazon account specialist is responsible for reinstating the account for an Amazon seller, he is often termed as the ‘middle man’ by Amazon’s seller performance team.

The need for an Amazon account specialist

Amazon account has as many suspension reasons as given below. Let us discuss in detail some of them.

  • Counterfeit claims: The product listed that imitates the original product without getting authorization from the product owner or manufacturer company comes under a counterfeit claim.
  • Inauthentic claim: The product listed that questions the authenticity of the original product or shows a property that is different from the original one is called the inauthentic claim
  • Product safety complaints: Here, the product received at the customer’s end is of damaged quality.
  • Expired item: When a product delivered comes with expired validity, it induces an Amazon account suspension if the customer claim under the category.
  • Selling prohibited items: When a socially abusive or prohibited product is listed such that it violates Amazon guidelines for product listing in the area. This too induces an Amazon account suspension.
  • Not as advertised: When the photograph of the product and the actual product do NOT match, it comes under the ‘Not as advertised’ category
  • Used item sold as new: When an old item is sold as new but advertised in an else manner so as the customer is confused while buying the product.

Learning the ‘some’ situations, we conclude that an Amazon account specialist with experience matters in the Amazon account suspension case. Else, the Amazon account will be mishandled to suspension and finally will be banned.

Amazon account disabled?

Is your Amazon account disabled? Are you looking for an Amazon specialist? We at Sellers Attorneys provide A to z Amazon reinstatement services. Below are the types of account suspensions we successfully claimed:

  • Inauthentic claims.
  • Counterfeit claims.
  • IP counterfeit infringement.
  • Review manipulation.
  • Copyright infringement.
  • Late shipment rate.
  • Order defect rate.
  • Safety complaints.
  • Forged and manipulated documents.
  • Trademark infringement.

Amazon account specialist 24 hours number

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Tips for being great at it

Let us discuss some tips for being great as an Amazon account specialist.


Be patient while solving the case of suspension as it takes from 24 to 72 hours for an Amazon account to reinstate after a successful appeal.


Write the appeal letter with the utmost care, as those words are only gonna retrieve you from suspension.


Do NOT let your ‘marketing wisdom’ get through to the Amazon team through the appeal letter. You ought to write a letter that summarises a ‘sorry’ for your previous behavior whilst selling products on Amazon.


If you cannot deal with the matter of suspension, do NOT rush it or spam Amazon with letters. It is better for the matter to handle it to the more qualified account reinstatement team.


To conclude we must say, to be an Amazon account specialist is a tough and delicate task. Therefore, a successful Amazon specialist knows it and therefore deals with the matter with utmost care.