Amazon Spark: ‘WHATs’ and ‘HOWs’ for a seller

It is very interesting to find updates on social media platforms and relating trends on a daily basis. Amazon Spark is one of the changes we are talking about. However, it is very imperative for a seller on Amazon to stay updated about the emerging trends. Else, he will be left behind and his overall sales will decrease with time.

Amazon Spark: What is it?

It is a social media platform by Amazon which works on Amazon mobile applications primarily meant for shopping. It is the latest on social media platforms. Although it was launched in 2017, due to its unpopularity it remains new in the domain. 

Only Amazon Prime members who have spent $50 in the previous year are eligible to post photos on the platform. Similar to other social media posting trends, users can also tag their interests, comment on other users’ posts, react to each other’s posts through the smile function.

How to use Amazon Spark?

  1. Tap on the principle menu, tap ‘Projects and Features’, at that point tap ‘Amazon Spark’. 
  2. Give Amazon your name and at any rate five interests. 
  3. You can pick designs dependent on classifications. There are the regular ones, such as Toys or Books or Fitness. There are likewise more reality shows, similar to TV Binge Watching or the Internet of Things. 
  4. Amazon will propose related classes dependent on the interests you’ve picked and recommend them to you in your feed. 
  5. Then, set your warning inclinations so Amazon knows to show you important things, pictures, and thoughts that identify with the ones you’ve picked. 
  6. In case you’re in a shopping disposition, Spark will show a shopping sack symbol at the lower part of your screen where you can buy the item. There will likewise be a number close to the sack so you can perceive the number of items is accessible to purchase on Amazon. 
  7. In case you’re vacillating about the item, you can request suppositions from the local area or even make a survey. 
  8. In the event that you’ve bought something, Spark allows you to leave an item audit. 
  9. The more you draw in with the application, the more Amazon rewards you as a ‘Devotee’. This nets you an identification that appears each time you post something or compose an audit.

Benefits of using Amazon Spark for sellers

The benefits are:

  • Sellers can promote their businesses while having fun liking and sharing beautiful pictures.
  • The sellers are more aware of the market while using Amazon Spark.
  • Arbitrage sellers can discover new or relating products for their business.


Amazon Spark is one the newest social media platforms on the planet aimed at making shopping an ‘interesting venture’ on Amazon. In such scenarios, one would not differ to say that Amazon is experimenting a bit on such kinds of services.

Although there is an unusual qualification for such kind of services, it can be considered as bait to attract more customers.