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Is your Amazon account suspended?

                 Don’t worry we are here for Amazon Reinstatement Service.

Amazon believes in a good feedback system and quality service for its customers. So, it has a strict seller policy. It blocks the account of those sellers who avoid being professionals.

Account suspensions are subject to reinstatement if you write well in your application. Further, if you have to be innocent and logical enough in your approach while adopting reinstatement services.

Below is a quick guide on how we operate on reinstatement services.

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Benefits of the Amazon legal services

Sellers must analyze and re-establish themselves to continue getting the benefits of the Amazon services. Remember that there is always an opportunity to correct yourself if something goes wrong. But it involves a lot of hard work and proper planning to overcome the situation. Working with professional expertise is a must in this case.

Sellers Attorneys comes with expert solutions to help the suspended sellers and reinstatement in Amazon. Our professional and highly experienced team works day and night to solve the issues of the suspended account and help them regain their position in Amazon.

Because of the huge experiences of our team, they can plan and design a unique line of action to be taken as per the status of an account. Each account has different issues and hence it requires a unique solution.

We Guide How to write Amazon Appeal Letter?

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Why selling privileges are removed?

Amazon follows its own guidelines very strictly. So they want their associates should do the same. By taking strict action against those violating the guidelines they set an example of being a leader in the e-commerce market worldwide. Among the numerous reasons for removing selling privileges, the most likely ones could be any of the following.

  • Amazon feels your performance is diving. They want to operate a competitive marketplace that values good customer service.
  • You’ve violated Amazon’s policies. Remember it’s Amazon’s house and you have to abide by their rules.
  • Selling a restricted product.
  • Remember if you have not taken action immediately, you will be banned from Amazon.

Understanding directional terms: Amazon account suspension

Being a seller on Amazon you have to understand the following terms.

  • A suspension means you still have a chance to appeal. You’ll need to work on a plan of action.
  • Denied means your appeal was rejected but you still have a chance to submit a revised plan of action.
  • Banned is the worst scenario of the three. Basically, you’re out of there. Your appeal has failed more than once, and Amazon will no longer read your emails.

Thus as per the status of your suspended account, you can be back in selling to get the exposure of the worldwide market.

As a service provider, we work step by step to help our customers get back in selling on Amazon. We understand very well that you are in a crucial state. Any action taken at this point will decide your future.

Most likely reinstating could become your last course of action to join the world’s largest market again. It needs to understand the status minutely and act very carefully to get back in action.

We at Seller Attorneys with our expert team in Amazon seller suspended account and reinstatement evaluate seller performance and seller appeal to make a plan of right actions to provide you a hassle-free unique solution.

Suspension types we’ve successfully appealed

  •  Inauthentic claims.
  •  Counterfeit claims.
  •  IP counterfeit infringement.
  •  Review manipulation.
  •  Copyright infringement.
  •  Late shipment rate.
  •  Order defect rate.
  •  Safety complaints.
  •  Forged and manipulated documents.
  • Trademark infringement.

How to unlock my amazon seller account?

Unlocking an Amazon seller account requires an appeal letter to be written. Let us discuss how an appeal letter should be written in order to unlock your seller account. First steps first and last ones at the last.

Assessment: An objective review of what went wrong in Amazon’s prospects and our experienced opinion of whether or not it is worth continuing to fight. Also, we are here to help individuals and companies having genuine concerns, not for any fraudulent activity. That is why before starting our work we need to assess all the relevant documents and issues clearly.

Explanation: Clear explanation of what happened (many of our clients are baffled) and what has to happen next to get reinstated. We must understand our situation in detail to take any action. More clear the problem, the easier is to work on it. Clear and adequate knowledge helps in getting appropriate results.

Plan of Action: Changes must be made at your company before Amazon will reconsider. We will help you develop a plan that works with your organization and meets Amazon’s requirements. Presenting yourself newer and modified shows the growth of your business and your concern for the business. It automatically will attract Amazon to get associate with you.

Amazon Appeal Letter: Conclusion

A compelling, coherent, and clear appeal is designed to meet Amazon’s requirements and to explain complex situations to the reviewers in a language they can understand. Our team will work out a letter to demonstrate your seriousness and confidence in your business. Amazon always helps serious and hard-working people.

Strategy: New information often leads to new avenues to try. Sometimes we send the letter to a different department when one doesn’t seem to be working. The unique strategic move is required to do the work done in stipulated time and without any other additional problems.

We will be with you until the final stone is unturned and we have truly tried everything to get our customers reinstated. Above all, if required, we can help you to escalate your case to the next level also. Our complete service is backed up with an ongoing support system like e-mail and live chat.

We are always there for you at any time during the project, after, and in a very stressful situation. You are in the right place if you require a professional and specialized company in Amazon Reinstatement Service.